Justin Theroux Shares How He Planned Secret Wedding With Jennifer Aniston

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Justin Theroux Shares How He Planned Secret Wedding With Jennifer Aniston

There will be hardly anyone who would agree that planning for one’s wedding is great fun and fuss. Justin Theroux recently revealed in an interview about all the detailed planning that went into his secret wedding to Jennifer Aniston last month and how stressful it had been.

Justin said to an interview given to The Daily News that it was not fun for him to plan for their wedding. Wedding is fun partially because it all about sharing with people but they had kept the news under wraps.


Its wedding bliss for this celebrity couple now but the days before the nuptials gave jitters to Justin Theroux, the Hollywood hunk.

Justin, 44, who is starring in “The Leftovers” for HBO said that his wedding with Aniston got him stressed as the pair had decided to keep it a secret for avoiding the paparazzi.

But once the wedding was done with, he instantly felt a change within him. Justin says that the shift was immediate and seemed as if his blood pressure went down. He says life is not completely different, rather it is a beautiful thing. Even the close pals of couple were told they were celebrating the star’s 44th birthday to maintain secrecy.

Theroux, 44, and Jennifer, 46 had tied the knot in a top-secret wedding ceremony after being engaged for three years. The ceremony took place at their Los Angeles home on Wednesday, August 5.

Despite rumors about troubles in paradise just six weeks after their marriage, Justin says that he and Jennifer are a happily married couple.

According to Us Weekly, this celebrity couple resumed their work briefly after their marriage and a honeymoon in Bora Bora. While Theroux left for Austin, Texas to start his shoot for ‘The Leftovers”, Jennifer was off to Atlanta to shoot for Gary Marshall’s “Mother’s Day”.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Justin & Jennifer