Kaley Cuoco Shares the Secret of Her Hot Body for Shape Cover

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Kaley Cuoco Shares the Secret of Her Hot Body for Shape Cover

Kaley Cuoco did admit that she had to remove all the ‘junk’ items out of her diet. Here is a sneak look on how she managed to maintain her hot body for the cover of a leading magazine!!!

On Thursday, September 17, Kaley Cuoco had a candid chat with Jimmy Fallon, of “The Tonight Show” where she confessed about the secret of her sexy and hot avatar on the cover of Shape Magazine.


The star of “Big Bang Theory” quipped that getting a toned tummy was not an easy feat for her.

She survived on almonds for a long time and felt very hungry during this period.

When she was asked about how she prepared for the shot where she shows off her lean legs and gorgeous flat abs in a dress shirt and a pair of white briefs, Kaley, 29 said that she ensured that her diet only included almonds, egg whites, and air.

Kaley also said that she was aware about the shot a year ago and thus had plenty of time to prepare for it. She admitted laughingly that one has to be in shape to be on Shape’s cover.

Cuoco also discussed in her interview with US Weekly magazine how she has changed her eating habits over the years particularly when it comes to her late-night snacking habits.

Kaley said that as she got older, she had to change her food habits. She added that her husband Ryan Sweeting, a professional tennis player, eats a lot. When they got married, it was fun to eat like him.

Bedtime snacking was common for the couple but she ultimately realized that it was not a healthy food habit for her. Kaley realized that she was simply imitating her husband’s food habits.

Now their pantry and refrigerator have changed as they don’t eat junk food any more.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Kaley Cuoco