Kanye West News: Kim Kardashian’s Husband Prefers to Stay in the Hospital than Go Home

By Eva Artosilla | 2 months ago
Kanye West News: Kim Kardashian’s Husband Prefers to Stay in the Hospital than Go Home
Kanye West

Kanye West was hospitalized due to extreme dehydration and lack of sleep. These two excesses caused the rapper to experience temporary psychosis and paranoia. Hence, he was confined in a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.


The father-of-two was so paranoid that he does not want any medical staff to touch him. He was reportedly tied to a stretcher on his way to the hospital.

After one week, his doctor allowed him to go home and recuperate with his family. However, Kim Kardashian’s husband prefers to stay in the hospital rather than go home. What made him want to stay longer in the medical center?

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According to The Hollywood Gossip, the rapper said that he would benefit from further treatment. Did Kanye West feel that he is not yet healed?

Truly, an emotional breakdown is not easy to address. Most especially if it has deepened into a mental disturbance. Sources said that the Famous rapper has been battling depression for quite some time already. But he did not seek treatment right away because of his commitments.

Kanye West Had An Interrupted Performance

When he can no longer bear his emotional turmoil, he stopped his concert and went straight to the UCLA medical center. He has canceled 21 Saint Pablo scheduled concerts.

Kim Kardashian stayed with her husband at the hospital. She personally feeds him and even sleeps beside him. She will reportedly exhaust all means to revive her husband.

What is the real reason for Kanye West’s breakdown? Will Kanye West return to his usual self? It is a big question why Kanye West has to spread too thinly. He scheduled his performances too closely that he has to deny himself of sleep.

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