Kanye West Still in Hospital, Feels Suspicious of Everyone

By Savitha Muppala | 2 months ago
Kanye West Still in Hospital, Feels Suspicious of Everyone
Kanye West

Kanye West’s recent meltdown during a music tour has been a source of concern for his family. Kim Kardashian has stood by him like a rock throughout his extremely low phase.


The 39-year-old rapper is presently undergoing treatment at UCLA Medical Center after his breakdown on November  2i. It is more than a week of hospitalization for Kanye West. Yet, the specialists did not allow him to go home anytime soon.

Kanye West’s ‘Suspicious Nature’ Alarming

Much before Kanye West froze and suffered a nervous breakdown on stage, he was portraying weird symptoms.  Sadly, these clues went unnoticed.

His posts on social media were strange and bordered on abnormality. That was a sure enough wake-up call, which was not taken seriously.

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Allegedly, West trusts no one at the hospital. He just wants her by his side and looks up to her for everything, reveals Hollywood Life.

According to reports, Kanye West is suspicious of everyone’s motives and feels they are out to get him. In the scenario, West feels his safety and security lies only with Kim Kardashian.


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Kanye West Suffering from Paranoia?

Kanye West’s thoughts are a bit disoriented and this has set alarm bells ringing. The rapper is of the opinion that people are out to ruin his relationship and marriage.

Kim Kardashian explained that doctors have not diagnosed him yet, but all allusions point to paranoia.

According to medical specialists treating him, the rapper is on several medications and is not yet completely stable. Therefore, he needs medical supervision for some more time before they can discharge him from the hospital.

Doctors Feel Concerned

According to Kardashian, the rapper has not shown much improvement since his admission in the hospital on November 21. That is worrying her to no end.

She said that doctors are trying different doses of medications to ascertain what works well for him. It is a bit worrying that he has not made much progress until now.

Indeed, these are trying times for the Kardashian-West family. First, the Paris robbery left Kim Kardashian shattered and fear stricken.

Just as she was rallying around, Kanye West was admitted to emergency after a complete breakdown.

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