Kate Middleton Advised Cressida Bonas to Take a Break from Harry [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago
Kate Middleton Advised Cressida Bonas to Take a Break from Harry [WATCH VIDEO]
Prince Harry and Kate Middleton at the Garter Procession/Nick Warner/Wikimedia Commons
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In March 2014, the buzz around the royal family was that according to Vanity Fair, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge was giving advice to Prince Harry’s girlfriend Cressida Bonas.  So the public simply assumed that Kate was guiding Cressida on how to make an impression on the Queen and giving tips on how to dress like a royal. But, soon after the two ladies heart to heart conversation, Cressida and Prince Harry split last April 2014 after two years of dating. Read on for MNG’s Royal family scoop, especially about Kate Middleton and how she advised Cressida Bonas to take a break from Harry.


According to the U.K.’s Now Magazine, Bonas had been concerned about the pressures of being a princess. She was also worried about the entire nation and paparazzi watching her every movement.

“Kate feels for Cressie. There’s an awful lot of pressure when the whole nation is asking if you’re about to get engaged,” says Now Magazine’s insider.

“She told Cressie how she benefited from taking time out when she was on a break from William. Kate said it might be best for them too,” added Now Magazine’s insider.

According to Huffington Post, Bonas was most recently spotted at a club along with Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie which reminds public of Middleton’s own revelry at some stage in 2007 when she briefly split up with Prince William. As relationship experts claim, a break is a good idea in general for a relationship.

It positively appears to have worked for Kate Middleton and Prince William, so there could be optimism for a future Princess Cressida yet. Could this be Cressida’s way of telling Harry that there’s still hope? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

And that’s it for MNG’s Royal family scoop about Kate Middleton’s advice to Cressida Bonas to take a break from Harry. For more details coming up about the Royal family, including Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, and their friends, relatives and other relationships, as well as other entertainment news, stay tuned here at  Movie News Guide (MNG).

Check out the video below:

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