Kathy Griffins Opens Up on Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘I am a Douchebag’ Comment and Why She Adores Him

By Nirdeshini Bagde | 2 months ago
Kathy Griffins Opens Up on Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘I am a Douchebag’ Comment and Why She Adores Him
Kathy Griffins is candid with her new book

Kathy Griffins has always been a person known for her pull-no-punches comedy. The two time Emmy and Grammy Award winner and Television personality recently opened about her encounter. It was with the Revenant star at this year’s Directors Guild of America Awards held in February. This revelation comes as a part of her recently released bestseller book Celebrity Run-ins.


Kathy Griffins Speaks Her Heart Out

According to the celebrity comic, she ran into Leonardo DiCaprio during the Awards only to find that the actor is ignoring her. According to DailyMail, she said that the actor was actually hooked up on his phone while she tried to speak to him. But as it happens in Hollywood events, you become patient and grow thick skin to get attention from A listers.

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Kathy Griffins on Leonardo DiCaprio
Kathy Griffins is Candid on Leonardo DiCaprio ‘I am a douchebag’ comment in her new Book

Celebrity Run-Ins Is Candid

Griffins says she then took help of Lily Tomlin as she knew Leonardo DiCaprio would not be able to ignore Lily. She further claims that she had to literally shout to Leonardo and called him douchebag. In her own words, Kathy writes, “I stood up and said, ‘Don’t be a douchebag, Leo. Get off your f***ing phone and say hi to the great Lily Tomlin!'”

Kathy agrees that it took some tries but eventually got attention from Leonardo who said hi to Lily. Griffins did not lose the opportunity to remind him that he is a douchebag for ignoring her. To her amazement, Leonardo gave his adorable smile as he was walking away and said, “I am a douchebag.”

Hollywood, where name calling is the norm, believes that Leonardo sets aside as an amazing actor who can call himself a douchebag. In the same book, she has listed many incidences including the ones where Ashton Kutcher and Jon Hamm were really rude to her. Kathy Griffins’ fans are really ecstatic with her new book, which is a best seller according to New York Times.

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