Katie Holmes Gushes Over Tom Cruise; ‘I’ve found the man of my dreams’

By Mardielyn | 2 months ago
Katie Holmes Gushes Over Tom Cruise; ‘I’ve found the man of my dreams’
tom cruise and katie holmes marriage

Katie Holmes opened up about her marriage with Tom Cruise, leaving Jamie Foxx controversy behind.


In Katie Holmes interview with W Magazine, the actress comfortably gushes over her ex-husband.

Surprisingly, even after the negative reports about their relationship, and how Tom Cruise’s Scientology church affected her family, Holmes only has good thoughts for her ex.

Love at First Sight?

Wikimedia Commons/Kathryn Decker-Krauth

In Inquisitr report, the Batman Begins actress admitted that the first time she saw Cruise was like she met the “man of [her] dream.”

Holmes added that she was blown away when she met Cruise. She even described the actor as “incredible,” “generous,” and “kind.”

Not to mention, she admitted that the actor makes her laugh like nobody else does.

“He’s a great friend,” Holmes said.

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Trouble in Paradise

Though Holmes claim that she and Cruise are compatible, still, they parted ways in the end.

According to reports, the reason behind the divorce is not about a third party but because of the 54-year-old’s controversial Scientology.

Rumor has it that Holmes had enough of her ex-husband’s Scientology belief.

Adding on, reports even claimed that the actress does not want her daughter, Suri, to grow up with the church.

New Romance, Suri’s Soon-to-be Stepfather and Stepmother

On the other hand, though Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise love story did not end up the way everybody expects it to be. Both are now happy with their own lives.

In recent reports, a tabloid magazine claimed that both Holmes and Cruise have found new partners. Jamie Foxx is allegedly secretly dating the actress while Cruise is reportedly in love with a lesbian adult star.

Although the former couple remains mum about the recent claim, fans and the public is convinced that the former couple is both in a relationship now.

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