Kendall Jenner Dream Vacations List Includes Game of Thrones’ Location, Westeros

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Kendall Jenner Dream Vacations List Includes Game of Thrones’ Location, Westeros
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Brace yourselves bookwork fans because Kendall Jenner is coming! She just made us love her even more as she shares her chosen locations from the literary world. One of these to-die-for choices is Game of Thrones’ very own Westeros.


The 21-year-old globetrotting fashionista is currently busy with her upcoming Victoria’s Secret stint. She and her fellow models are ready to the catwalk on fire in Paris. They will film the runway show on Wednesday, November 30.

Check out Kendall Jenner’s top 5 fictional dream vacations.

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Kendall and Kylie as YA Authors

Who would have thought that the Kardashians would expand their reach even more? Well, Kendall and Kylie did. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe’s younger siblings made their debut as budding young adult authors in 2014. They released Rebels: City of Indra with Maya Sloan.


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According to InStyle, Kendall and her sister Kylie took inspirations from their favorite movies, TV series and books. She also shared the said list on her website after the debut of the Time of the Twins novel.

Time of the Twins is the second installment of The Story of Lex and Livia series. The YA book franchise follows a set of twins with unique backgrounds. As a result, the two characters began their journey to find more answers.

Kendall Jenner’s Dream Vacations

If given a chance, Jenner named the locations she wanted to visit in the literary world. Just like every kid who grew up loving Harry Potter books, she also dreamed of receiving her own Hogwarts letter. The KUTWK star jokingly said that she might even go to school there.

It seems like Kendall Jenner is definitely a brave explorer at heart. For her second and third picks, she chose Pandora and Atlantis. They are both examples of well-known fictional places in pop culture. In James Cameron’s Avatar, Na’Vi people saved Pandora from the human invaders. While the former city of Atlantis suffered a different fate. The city sank below the ocean as seen in the Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

The Kardashians in Game of Thrones?

Jenner is also a self-confessed GOT addict. From feisty dragons to the mysterious White Walkers, it seems like the young reality TV star is ready for any challenge from George R.R. Martin! She added that she will not get bored because there is a lot to explore in Westeros.

“It also has some of the most amazing settings that anyone could dream up!” Jenner said.

Capping off the list, Kendall Jenner said that she would not leave Indra out. It is where their YA novel is set.  In addition, she described a lot more about it. Despite not being a perfect spot, it still passes for her tastes. Jenner also shared that she wanted to visit the floating islands in Indra.

The Victoria’s Secret Paris Fashion Show 2016 airs on Monday, December 5, 2016, on CBS.

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