Are Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas Back Together?

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Are Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas Back Together?

Well, what are we hearing?  Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas attended Nick’s after party for his recent concert. Does that mean that the former couple are back together?

Kendall Jenner, 19 and Nick Jonas, 22 had a much talked about romance this summer, courtesy of Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas who did the matchmaking for the former lover birds. However, the romance seemed to fizzle fast.


But after Nick had an immensely successful concert on September 9 in New York, Kendall was present to celebrate with her ex-flame at the latter’s Terminal 5 after party.  So what is up with these two? Are they planning to get back together?

Though the two made such an adorable pair, but sadly Nick and Kendall did not seem to be romantic with each other in this party, according to an eyewitness.

Kendall and Nick arrived in the party together but separated soon after, as told to US by a party attendee. Kendall looked happy to be in the company of her friend. She was with Gigi for the rest of the evening, added a source.

Kendall, in fact looked so disinterested that she did not even bother that Nick was busy chatting up with some of the other hot ladies at the party.

Nick on the other hand, was busy mingling with the other guests and danced with many attractive women and Kendall did not seem to mind at all, the source said.

For those who do not remember, the duo started interacting with each other after a master matchmaking plan between Kendall’s friend Gigi and her boyfriend Joe, who is incidentally Nick’s brother.

Gigi and Joe were in Las Vegas when Gigi sent an invitation to Kendall to hang with them. At that point of time, Kendall was unaware that the couple had some other motive and Nick Jonas was meant to be the surprise guest.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Kendall Jenner