Are Kevin And Danielle Jonas Ready For A New Baby?

By Ivy Candelaria | 1 year ago
Are Kevin And Danielle Jonas Ready For A New Baby?

People Magazine recently interviewed Kevin and Danielle Jonas at The Knot gala. In one of the rare occasions that they get to take a breather from their lovely 20-month old Alena Rose, are they ready for baby number two? Read on to know more.

“Everybody kept on telling me she’s going to get so big, so fast, and I would hate people saying that — but it’s so true!” Danielle said. Their tot has been learning to talk, but can’t say “fish” yet, Kevin said. ”She says a profanity instead of “fish.” I think you get the idea,” he joked.


Kevin is a third of the pop group, the Jonas Brothers (“When You Look Me In The Eyes”, “Burnin’ Up”) but unlike his brothers Nick and Joe, Kevin is concentrating on being a father at present. Although he still takes his guitar out to amuse Alena. “It’s the first time she heard that song, I played it and she just lost it,” Kevin explains. “I’d stop and she’d just look at me like, ‘Why are you stopping?!’ It was very sweet.”

Alena is also in love with dogs, a particular trait she acquired from her mother. Both Kevin and Danielle agree that Alena is a spitting image of her father and joke about how they plan on dressing her up and her friends as the Jonas Brothers for Halloween.

As the couple celebrates their sixth anniversary, Kevin shared that the secret to a successful marriage is to “just stay happy, communicate, try to do things together.”

Regarding the million-dollar question if they are ready to have another child, “we’re always talking about it, so it’s always there,” Danielle said.

According to E! News, Danielle revealed that the couple initially wanted a big family, but they have changed their plans. “First it was four [kids], now it’s three,” she said, while Kevin interrupted, “Every couple of months with Alena we’re like, maybe just her, she’s kinda awesome!'”

But who wouldn’t want to give this cute toddler a playmate?


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