Kristin Cavallari Feels ‘Scared’ About Bringing Up Her Three Little Children Alone

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Kristin Cavallari Feels ‘Scared’ About Bringing Up Her Three Little Children Alone

Kristin Cavallari is excited about her little girl’s birth next month. She confessed that the prospect of raising her three children is kind of scary for her, especially since they are all under four.

Kristin Cavallari, 28, who is an ex-reality star and a shoe designer, has shared that it scares her whenever she thinks about the prospect of bringing her three little children all alone as Jay Cutler, her husband, an NFL star is extremely busy with his career.


On Wednesday, Kristin was spoke to Entertainment Tonight and said that that she is apprehensive, as she has to stay alone with her three children for quite a lot of time but she has to manage that. She is not the only mother to do this, she added.

But Kristin, the former star of “The Hills” is optimistic that Camden, her oldest child who is just three years old, will try his best to help his mom. She also revealed that her son is very sweet and she is hoping that he would try to help her as much as possible.


Kristin also has a second child named Jaxon from Jay, with whom she is married for two years now.  This shoe designer is really looking forward to having her third child, a little girl, next month. She already has the nursery ready.

Kristin said that everyone is quite excited and that includes her too. She had earlier shared that Jay may not be there when she will be giving birth, as the quarterback of the Chicago Bears is scheduled to be away for a game.

However, the star said that that her mother will be with her to help. Though she did not share the name of her daughter, she did agree that rumors of her christening her little daughter after a dog’s name are not incorrect.

Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons