Larry Stylinson To Be Over Soon Because Of An Ongoing Tension Between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 1 year ago
Larry Stylinson To Be Over Soon Because Of An Ongoing Tension Between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson?

Larry Stylinson is the popular ship created by fans which sparked the alleged romance between “One Direction” members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. The Larry shippers just can’t get enough of them and they seem to be a good couple with matching chemistry for these fans. However, there are recent speculations stating there is an on-going tension in them. What is the truth behind it? Read on.

According to UnrealityTV, there are rumors circulating One Direction for quite some time now. Far away from the public knowledge, the British boy band isn’t going well with each other allegedly. The article pinpointed Tomlinson and Styles as several people claimed there could be ongoing and silent tension between them. As others also noticed, they don’t talk to one another on social media or even when they are up on stage. What’s intriguing as well is when they have sit-down interviews and they are as positioned as far as possible.


For some, even though they have a strong friendship along when they began their career in the group, there’s a kind of falling out that happened throughout the years.

However, Scott Mills have something to say about the issue. The same article mentioned that he dismissed this rumor to an interview with Daily Record.

“Liam invited me to the show last week. It’s a great show and although the everyone says they don’t get on, it doesn’t feel that way when you watch it. It didn’t seem that way when I was with the lads backstage either.” Mills said.


So this is great news for the Larry shippers! Just a month ago, these fans heart almost exploded with an unedited picture of Tomlinson and Styles firmly holding each other’s’ hands.  In the report from Inquisitr, a fan who met One Direction through the Make-A-Wish foundation requested them to stand accordingly to where she wants them to be and hold hands while they pose for a photo opportunity.

Larry Stylinson fans don’t need to worry at all since there’s no truth behind the allegations of the rift between the two.

Photo Source: One Direction/Facebook