Left 4 Dead 3, Half-Life 3 Dead? Valve To Focus More on Stream & VR Gaming?

By Sangati Jogwar | 3 months ago
Left 4 Dead 3, Half-Life 3 Dead? Valve To Focus More on Stream & VR Gaming?
Left 4 Dead 3 Franchise Dead?
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Left 4 Dead 3 and Half-Life 3 are the most awaited video games. However, now it seems as if their developer, Valve is not too keen to take the franchises forward. Many are speculating that both Left 4 Dead and Half-life games are dead. Rather, lately, it appears as if Valve is more interested in focusing on its latest endeavors.


These include Steam platform as well as HTC Vive. The latter is the company’s take on Virtual Reality gaming. And that is why many fans believe that there are no chances of Left 4 Dead 3  release in the future. Valve may as well declare the franchise dead in few days.

Updating Continues

Even though Valve is not ready to take project Left 4 Dead 3 further, it has not yet stopped coming out with updates for the previous games. A few days ago, the game developer added the existing games to the Xbox One backward compatibility program, reports Christian Today. The new update now allows the users to play the existing Xbox 360 games on Xbox One.

Valve has not stopped being active. It constantly comes out with new development in the video games. Instead of giving new releases, the game developer seems to be keen to take the existing games ahead with minor updates. A good example of it is DOTA 2.

More Focus On Steam And VR Gaming

Valve is giving more attention to its other endeavors. These include Steam platform and latest HTC Vive that falls in the bracket of VR gaming. According to speculations, that is why Valve is not giving much attention to the demands for Half-Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3. Many critics believe that the game developer may declare the franchises dead sooner or later.

And the reason is practical. The company may not earn as much profit by coming out with Left 4 Dead 3  than they can earn with Steam.

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