Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Spoilers, News, Update: Leonard Snart Back from the Dead!

By Janine | 3 months ago
Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Spoilers, News, Update: Leonard Snart Back from the Dead!
Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Spoilers, News, Update: Wentworth Miller Returning – Leonard Snart Back from the Dead!
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Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 is off to a great and surprising start. Albert Einstein becomes a target and the Nazis are out to destroy New York City using a nuclear bomb. And then, Damien Darhk decides to show up and ruin everything.


What is next for the Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 crew? It appears Nate Heywood gets powers of his own and he and Ray are stuck in Japan. What in the world are they doing in Japan? They are on the path to fight a Shogun and some samurai warriors! Which is why Vixen and Rory are out to find him and help him master his powers.

But the most interesting tidbit of it all is that the time shift may be bringing somebody back from the dead. It seems Leonard Snart is not dead after all. Maybe in this timeline. Wentworth Miller, who plays Leonard Snart, is reprising his role. However, he is only returning to the series in the midseason.

What brings him back aside from the fact that he is on a contract to be a series regular on The CW, cites Flickering Myth? During the mid-season finale of Legends, Miller is set to appear as part of The Legion of Doom. He is going to join Darhk, The Reverse Flash and Malcolm Merlyn to threaten the world. But why the change of heart?

Speculations surrounding his death in the season 1 finale points to the character not actually dead. Someone must have gotten to him before the blast. Some theories indicate a change in the timeline.

Since there is a Flashpoint reference, there is a shift in history. This means the past still continues regardless of his death in the future. However, it is unsure if Miller is going to reprise his role as Captain Cold or something much more colder and eviler.

Can’t wait for Wentworth Miller to come back? Meanwhile, Jax and Stein stays put to repair the ship but finds an interesting secret within the ship.

Watch out for the next Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 to air this Thursday on the CW.


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