‘Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run’ Movie: Bugs Bunny Helps Lola Bunny Escape After Inventing an Invisibility Spray [WATCH VIDEO]

By Marie delos Santos | 1 year ago
‘Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run’ Movie: Bugs Bunny Helps Lola Bunny Escape After Inventing an Invisibility Spray [WATCH VIDEO]

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, Speedy Gonzales, and the rest of the gang are bound to hit the movies once again in the “Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run” movie. What is the movie all about? Read on to learn more about this scoop.

“Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run” sees the return of the well-loved Looney Tunes character, Bugs Bunny. The last Looney Tunes movie titled, “Back in Action” aired in 2003 with the last direct-to-video feature, “Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas” released in 2006. Fans began wondering if there would be another movie based on the well-loved animated series and it turns out their wish came true after the all new and original “Rabbits Run” movie has been announced and is set to be released in DVD this summer.


According to Rotoscopers, “Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run” features Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny. Bugs Bunny will play the role of a New York City cab driver who runs into aspiring professional perfumer Lola Bunny after losing her job as a perfume salesgirl. Lola accidentally creates an invisibility spray, which leads her former boss Giovanni, Yosemite Sam and even government officials to come running after her. Bugs helps Lola escape from the bad guys, as they travel to the House of Moufette in Paris to launch Lola’s own fragrance line.

The outlet cited that Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny will be joined by other fan favorite characters including Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, Speedy Gonzales, Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn, Pepe Le Pew, etc.

“’Looney Tunes’ is a powerful brand among consumers and it’s one of our most important franchises. ‘Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run’ is a clever, entertaining story that’s perfect for family viewing,” Warner Bros. Home Entertainment vice president Mary Ellen Thomas told Cartoon Brew.

“Space Jam” movie’s supervising animator Jeff Siergey will be directing while Jeff Bergman will be reprising his voice role for Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Maurice LaMarche will be lending his voice once again for Yosemite Sam and Fred Armisen will be back as voice for Speedy Gonzales.

“Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run” will be released in DVD on Aug. 4.

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