Love Her or Loath Her; Ariana Grande Sports a Blonde Look

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Love Her or Loath Her; Ariana Grande Sports a Blonde Look

Haven’t we all seen Ariana Grande with her trademark ponytail endlessly? Now it looks like she has gone for a new look and style altogether. Here is the latest about Ariana and her new look.

Ariana Grande is one such girl, whom we have been seeing in mostly in her ponytails. By her own admission, Ariana says that her hair got ruined due to constant dying while she was in “Sam & Cat”.


But what did the girl do now with her hair? Well, she actually bleached it blonde recently. She has about 45 million followers on Instagram who were shocked when Ariana uploaded her picture where she sported a platinum blonde look.

°₊·ˈ∗ #11daysTilFocus ∗ˈ‧₊° 🌙✨

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She has apparently sported her new blonde look for the cover of “Focus”, her new single that is tipped to release within next two weeks.

To be honest with all, she would be looking gorgeous in any hair color for that matter.

We simply adore her new look in her brand new hair color. We also like the fact that she is finally showing her different side.

This celebrity pop star is known for only being shot from the left side of her face. However, the right side of her face that appears recently looks perfect too. We feel as if she is trying to come out of her infamous reputation too.

When Ariana Grande made a debut with her new blonde look, we had initially hoped that it might be a wig but when we saw her half-pony, we thought it may not be so.

Some people are wondering whether this is a fake look or not, courtesy of Photoshop. It is not that she has been getting praises from all quarters. Many think that it may be a transformation from her usual look, but it may not be a change for the better.


Photo Source: Instagram/arianagrande