Man of Steel 2: Enemies Henry Cavill’s Superman Will Fight

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 months ago
Man of Steel 2: Enemies Henry Cavill’s Superman Will Fight

The team behind the DC hit Man of Steel 2 is currently writing the script. With Henry Cavill returning as Superman in the DCEU for other movies as well, questions about his second solo venture arise.


Who will the main villain be? Will there be any supporting characters? When will it release? How different will Henry’s Superman be in the movie?

While a lot many details are not really known yet, speculations about who the main villain will be can be made. Here are a few villains who Superman could fight.

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Brainiac in Man of Steel 2?

Originally an android, Brainiac has also appeared in the animated series as a supercomputer. Known as one of the most intelligent villains ever, his powers include mimicking Kryptonian powers and shooting energy blasts.

He has also teamed up with Lex Luthor who happens to be Superman’s archenemy. Given these traits, Brainiac certainly becomes a perfect choice for the main antagonist in Man of Steel 2.


Image source: Facebook/Superman


Lobo is a unique character in the DC Universe. He was initially a mainstream villain but was then turned into an anti-hero. He has had numerous run-ins with Superman and the Justice League and has always managed to make a mark.

As an immortal bounty hunter, endless violence and intoxication has been his thing. In the movie, Lobo could come after Superman to claim his bounty but would rather start liking him.


As an imperfect clone of Superman, Bizarro was created by Lex to get rid of Superman. However, the creature turned out to be something else completely.

Rumors say that Bizarro would debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice until Doomsday took the spot. Having Bizarro as one of the villains in the movie would be beneficial because Superman would have someone to match his powers with.

Doomsday was also quite powerful but Superman had to give his life to stop it. There could be comic elements as well if Bizarro were to be in the movie.

Cinema Blend reported the three main characters that could appear in Man of Steel 2. According to the outlet Brainiac, Bizarro and Supergirl could be a part of the movie.

This would enable Superman to further explore and extend his universe within the DCEU.

Man of Steel 2 does not have a release date yet.

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Photo source: Facebook/Man of Steel


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