Why is Marriage So Easy For David Beckham?

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Why is Marriage So Easy For David Beckham?

David Beckham says that his marriage to celebrity wife Victoria Beckham has been quite easy. Find out why the ex-soccer star thinks so.

David Beckham, the 40-year old soccer star who is married to Victoria Beckham, the ace fashion designer, stated recently that the key to their highly successful marriage is “trust” for each other.


The couple has four children from their union, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper. The retired star footballer said that they have been with each other for 18 long years and married for 16 years.

They have deep trust towards each other’s sense of judgment and perhaps that has worked wonders for their marriage.

David admitted that it was his wife who is the strict person in their house but they both control everything their son Brooklyn posts or shares on social media.

According to The Hamilton Spectator, Beckham told ABC News that they needed to do that as Brooklyn, their 16-year-old son has about 4 million followers in social media. So as his parents, both he and Victoria control everything that he does and posts and it is ditto with all their other children.

David wishes that his children play soccer like him but only if they are happy playing the game.

He said that while he would love to see them following his footsteps,  he did not want to force them to do so. He shared how one of his boys told him the other day that he was not sure about playing soccer all the time.

David confessed that he was a little heartbroken at that time but then his son told him that every time he goes out into the field to play the game, people start comparing him with David. His son told him that if he was not as good as his illustrious father then he is not good enough.

The former soccer player advised his son to play the game only if he wants to play it and is happy while doing so.

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Photo Source: Facebook/David Beckham & Victoria Beckham