Married to Medicine Season 4 Spoilers: Simone Returns to Work; Heavenly, Lisa Conversation Turns Ugly

By Neha Bakshi | 2 months ago
Married to Medicine Season 4 Spoilers: Simone Returns to Work; Heavenly, Lisa Conversation Turns Ugly

Married to Medicine, the Bravo television reality series is currently airing its season 4. In a latest update, Dr. Simone Whitmore is going through major family issues. Along with some fellow cast members, she goes on the trip to find out about her missing father.


Married to Medicine shows chronicles the lives of seven women; three of the being doctors themselves while rest are doctors’ wives. It depicts their life balance around career, family and social life.

Married to Medicine Spoilers

Quad and Jackie went with Simone in her emotional trip which also means a lot to them. They had recently lost their fathers and apparently share the same pain. During their journey, Simone revealed that her father was alcoholic long before he had his own family. He also happened to be in prison for a while.

Dr. Heavenly meets up with her preacher friend aka spiritual guide Jewel Tankard to discuss Lil Kim. Tankard suggested her that in order to be a better woman she needs need to pray to god to keep Lil Kim away for a while.

In addition to that, Tankard also noted that she should start writing her confessions and face them every morning and night.

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Episode 5 Update


Episode 5 of the reality series is said to feature Simone’s return to work at a special case of trans- patient for gender reassignment surgery. Another half will showcase Heavenly and Lisa Nicole’s ugly collaboration. She even reveals her thought on marriage, reports Sidereel.

The show has garnered average ratings in the previous seasons and has been opposed by a few groups too. It is said to associate heavily with black women in medicine and their incorrect portrayal.

Married to Medicine season 4 episode 5 will have the title The Breast-est of Friends. It airs on Sunday, December 11, 2016, at 9/8c.

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