Marry Me Spoiler: Date Me

By Rachel Cruz | 2 years ago
Marry Me Spoiler: Date Me

Marry Me” airs every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. In a future episode, the girls will cook up something for Jake’s mother, and Gil will prepare the best bachelor party ever. Before we get into the details, here’s a short recap of what happened last week.

In “Friend Me” (air date: Jan. 27, 2015), Annie (Casey Wilson) attempted to bring back The Boyz together. They are Jake’s (Ken Marino) college buddies, whom Annie thought her boyfriend should reconnect with because he needed more groomsmen for their upcoming wedding. The only problem? The reason why Jake had a falling out with The Boyz was because of Annie. They don’t think she’s the right match for him. But, thanks to her, The Boyz and Jake reconciled. Their issue was supposedly settled, but then it happened all over again. The Boyz still did not like Annie for Jake.


To prove to The Boyz she’s not who they thought she was, she agreed to their challenge of outdoing them into guessing stuff about Jake correctly. It involved beers too, which Annie, though not necessarily a party drinker, succeeded in winning. She’s proven to them she’s in the same league as Jake, and so The Boyz ended up loving her.

Meanwhile, Gil (John GemberLing) tricked Dennah (Sarah Wright) into joining a pyramiding scheme where they had to sell power milkshakes. Realizing that they have been duped, the two try to work it out with corporate, who turned out to be a homemaker who was also selling milkshakes to make ends meet. Gil and Dennah ended up buying more from her.

But by the end of the episode, they were able to dispose of a bulk of the product they were selling, as the two were able to find gullible customers in The Boyz.

Spoiler Alert: “Marry Me” airs every on Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. The details below pertain to an episode slated to air in a few weeks.

In this story, Gill will attempt the perfect bachelor party for his best friend Jake, but with Gil being Gil, the preparations will not turn out smoothly. Some mishaps can only be corrected the way Gil deals with all things, so this should be something to watch for.

Meanwhile, Annie and Dennah will attempt to get Jake’s mother Myrna (guest star Jobeth Williams) back into the dating scene, much to Jake’s apprehensions. Is it too late for his mom? Myrna also has some hesitations, but what will the girls come up with? Will one of them get in trouble?

There you have it for the details on the upcoming “Marry Me” episode. The show airs every Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. For more updates, keep checking Movie News Guide (MNG) for the news.

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