Marvel Film Inhumans Still Happening According to Kevin Feige

By Nathalie | 2 months ago
Marvel Film Inhumans Still Happening According to Kevin Feige

Marvel Films turned the entire movie scene around. All genre practically had a fair share of the market before. It seems now though that the superhero or mutant movies are getting more. Almost all films, if not all, that Marvel and DC released are a box office hit right off the first week. People get excited from the mere announcement of it. And that is why people were more than ecstatic when Marvel announced that Inhumans were part of their prospective roster of superhero films until 2020.


Inhumans Taken Off The List Of Movies To Be Released

It was not too long after the initial announcement that the film Inhumans were taken off the roster completely. The apparent reason was to make room for Disney’s Indiana Jones reboot. Since then, there were not a lot of news about what will happen to the movie or if, at least, it is still going to happen.

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Then good news came from none other than Marvel’s president, Kevin Feige. According to a report by Screen Crush, Inhumans movie will still happen. However, it will not materialize in Phase 3 like originally planned. He is hopeful that the movie can finally come to life in Phase 4. Feige further says that Inhumans will eventually happen in one form or another. The statement “one form or another” is not quite clear but most people speculate that it is whether the film will be a live action or an animated one because the television format has now been revealed.

It was previously announced that Inhumans TV series will premiere next year. The plotline has basically been introduced on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It is not confirmed if the standalone series will follow what was introduced or if it will completely start from scratch.

Stay tuned for more updates on Inhumans TV series and movie.

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