Marvel’s The Defenders on Netflix: After Luke Cage-Claire Temple Romance, Jessica Jones Confesses Her Pregnancy

By Diane Samson | 2 months ago
Marvel’s The Defenders on Netflix: After Luke Cage-Claire Temple Romance, Jessica Jones Confesses Her Pregnancy
Jessica Jones and Luke Cage of The Defenders

In comics universe, Jessica Jones is married to Luke Cage. However, in Marvel’s properties on Netflix, Mike Coulter’s Power Man is currently getting coffee with Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson). The three will eventually meet in the upcoming Marvel’s The Defenders. But, is this the end of the romance between Jessica and Luke?


Clare And Luke K-I-S-S-I-N-G

In the recent photos that were leaked from the set of The Defenders, fans saw Luke Cage kissing his current girlfriend, Claire Temple. Elsewhere, Jessica Jones gets coffee with her best friend, Trish Walker (Rachel Taylor).

How Jessica, Luke and Claire will react when they eventually meet remains to be seen. But, this relationship between Claire and Luke also existed in the comics.

The Defenders
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Super Ex-Boyfriends

The character of Claire Temple is a fusion of the Night Nurse or Linda Carter and Doctor Claire Temple. That Power Man met and fell in love with Claire on the small screen did not come as a surprise for fans of the superhero. Dr. Claire Temple is actually an early love interest of Luke Cage back in the ’70’s.

Meanwhile, fast-forward to a few decades later, Jessica Jones had a rather passionate romance with Luke Cage. However, their relationship was purely sexual.

Later on, because of their individual issues, they split. Jessica actually started dating Scott Lang/Ant-Man.

When Purple Man came back to torment the heroine, she drunkenly crashed into Luke Cage’s window. He consoled and offered her his help, but she refused.

Once Killgrave was defeated, Jessica Jones confesses that she is pregnant, but the child is not Scott’s. Luke confesses that he has developed genuine feelings for Jessica. They decide to keep the child and they named her Danielle Cage.

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Can It Work On TV?

Unfortunately, Jessica’s relationship with Luke remains complicated. When they parted, Luke had a bullet in his brain. He woke up while Jessica went to confront Kilgrave (David Tennant).

While Jessica did not appear in Season 1 of Marvel’s Luke Cage, she was mentioned in passing. Notably, Henry “Pop” Hunter (Frankie Faison) referred to her as Luke’s “rebound chick.”

That said, it looks like a romance between Jessica and Luke will not happen soon. Even Jessica’s parting words with an unconscious Luke felt final.

“You’re the first person I ever pictured a future with… I would have liked that future,” she told him before she left.

With the two of them starring in two different shows, it would be difficult to make the relationship anyway. But, who knows; maybe when Marvel’s The Defenders becomes a regular series, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage might reunite and have the blissful relationship they have in the comics.

Marvel’s The Defenders will air in 2017 on Netflix.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Jessica Jones


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