Why McGyver Reboot Season 1 Is Better Than Original Series

By Janine | 2 months ago
Why McGyver Reboot Season 1 Is Better Than Original Series
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The MacGyver reboot is getting a full season ahead of its premiere. And fans are going to see Lucas Till fight his way out of dire circumstances. But is he going to use the same paper clip and bubble gum routine?


Not necessarily. The MacGyver reboot is set in the current time frame. Which means that Lucas Till’s version of the character is going to be digitally inclined, too. That is to say, he is going to get his fair share of gadgets and high tech devices.

Those who have seen the original version would argue that the character does not need technology  at all. In the original TV series, Mac escapes from difficult situations with the tools present. If he is stuck in a closet with a bomb, he can deactivate the bomb before escaping, with a fork. Of course, there is a little bit of exaggeration there. This new Mac can do the same but in order to make it more realistic, he has to be modern, too. He is going to be somewhat like James Bond – and classy, sometimes, too. Maybe there is a super techy watch that becomes his life-saving Swiss Army knife?

Think about how he can open a bomb if it has platinum casing? He must have something up his sleeve to open that up. But the show is more about his ingenuity and cleverness. And in some cases, episodes may just pattern to real life events. And this time, he is not alone. Teamwork is the essence of the show. And that is something this show focuses on in comparison to the original. The only thing that is really setting the expectations high is the original series. Will they overcome it?


The MacGyver reboot is trying to set up its own identity apart from the original brand. Which is why CBS promises it is going to be better than the original. CBS releases information that they are giving the show a full season, cites Screen Rant. They call it a “Back 9” order. A Back 9 order means that the show is going to get a season beyond nine episodes.

Although this doesn’t mean that they are going to get a MacGyver season 2, just yet. For now, viewers can see Lucas Till tackle modern day, world-ending problems in the new MacGyver reboot in season 1.

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