Miguel Ferrer Appears In NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Inspite of Health Rumors

By Nirdeshini Bagde | 2 months ago
Miguel Ferrer Appears In NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 Inspite of Health Rumors
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NCIS Los Angeles actor Miguel Ferrer’s health mystery deepens over the time. Fans are eager to know the truth and it seems they are leaving no stone unturned to know the truth. Ferrer’s health is the major concern among his fans and the rounds of rumors is just increasing the curiosity.


Miguel Ferrer Health Rumors

It all began when the fans noticed his blurred voice in the past episodes NCIS Los Angeles Season 8. Within no time, speculations were rife that Miguel Ferrer showed the signs of stroke and possible illness. The actor distinctly refused any truth behind this rumor but stated he is definitely fighting for something but not stroke.

So, some speculated he is suffering from cancer. Miguel Ferrer’s parents died of cancer, obviously making him more susceptible to the disease. Also, the actor has been inactive on social media as his last post was on August 12. This has made the fans to believe, something is going wrong with the actor.

Is Miguel Ferrer Saying Goodbye To NCIS Los Angeles?

Miguel Ferrer and Malese Jow
Twitter/Miguel Ferrer [A Still From NCIS Los Angeles Season 8: Miguel Ferrer and Malese Jow]
 While talking about the show before Season 8, NCIS Los Angeles cast member LL Cool J dropped the hint that someone will leave the series. It did not take much time for the fans that it could be Miguel Ferrer (Owen Granger) or Daniela Ruah (Kensi Blye) as both were missing for quite some time.

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Rumor mills are running overtime and there is no end to the number of speculations coming up online. Miguel Ferrer health issue could be the possible reason that he may leave the show. In one of the episodes, the actor was shown to have a close shave with death. He was badly injured to the extent that coming back to his previous form seemed impossible.

Miguel Ferrer illness is compelling him to leave the show or does the story carry a new angle? Morning Ledger stated the actor is “very much alive and well.”

Moreover, there has been no official statement from the Ferrer’s camp. He also continues to appear in the NCIS Los Angeles series.

Meanwhile, Ecumenical News has revealed that Ferrer will reprise his role in Twin Peaks. He was recently spotted in its official trailer. This could also be the possible reason the actor is leaving NCI Los Angeles. The pictures he posted on his personal Instagram account showed him spending quality time in Ireland with his wife and pet dog.

Now, it is time for the fans to read between the lines and decipher the truth.

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