Modern Family Season 8 Episode 8 Spoilers: Gloria, Phil and Cam Take an Oath

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 months ago
Modern Family Season 8 Episode 8 Spoilers: Gloria, Phil and Cam Take an Oath

Modern Family Season 8 has proved to be yet another adventure as the family has been busy with their own charades. The Dunphy-Pritchett-Tucker clan has indulged in quite a lot this season. And going by the spoilers, they will continue to do so.


Some spoiler are now revealing that some members of the family will be on an outing, some will have an awkward encounter while some will choose to keep a secret from their spouses.

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Haley’s Day Out

According to TV Guide, Phil and Claire’s eldest daughter Haley will be on a girl’s day out with her boyfriend Rainer Shine’s teenage daughter. The plan made by her might materialize but fans can expect to see some awkwardness between the two.


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Luke In An Awkward Situation

Luke on the other hand will find himself in a sticky situation. While at the club, he will unknowingly help Jay and land in an awkward situation with a widow. Him helping Jay might be somehow related to the awkward situation but it was not revealed yet.

Gloria, Phil And Cam’s Secret

As far as other members of the family are concerned, not much is known about Claire, Manny, Joe and Alex. But Gloria, Cam and Phil will be up to something.

The three will take a secret oath between them and the reason for them to do that would be because of some personal information. Whatever information they are holding, they will swear never to tell their respective spouses.

Will They Reveal The Oath?

With Phil and Cam involved in an oath like this, it would certainly be hilarious and it would be seen if they end up sharing the oath or not.

Gloria on the other hand might even manage to keep it a secret since she has been known to be quite a strong individual.

With family continuing to move ahead as one unit, it would be interesting to see what other events are in store for the family and how do they deal with it.

Modern Family Season 8 Episode 8 will air on Nov. 30.

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Photo source: Facebook/Modern Family


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