Space Poop Challenge: NASA Seeking Ideas to Deal With Pooping in Spacesuit

By Neha Bakshi | 2 months ago
Space Poop Challenge: NASA Seeking Ideas to Deal With Pooping in Spacesuit
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NASA has come up with its latest amazing project which is titled as Space Poop Challenge. The aeronautic agency is looking out for some help to find the best way of pooping in a space suit. It is the latest NASA Tournament Lab program that has called participants their novel ideas and solutions.


NASA Poop Challenge Details

According to the challenge, participants have to create an in-suit waste management system for a continuous duration of 144 hours. It includes fecal, urine and menstrual waste of the crew.

The NASA competition brief stated that the spacesuits have a generally designed for launch and in-space activities. It is worn for normally duration of 10 hours but can be worn up to 6 days in adverse conditions, as per Herox.

The standby option in such case is a diaper which is not really healthy. Indeed, it serves as a temporary remedy which requires permanent solution, as it works fine only for few hours.

The notable agency is looking forward to design a system within the space suit, which can collect human waste for 144 hours. Furthermore, they are trying to develop a way which can route it out from body also.

In space, nothing is sure and the astronauts may be left with no choice but to stay in their space suits for a long time. Apparently, it will help to get any new ideas which can be explored scientifically at the NASA laboratory later.

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Prize Money

The idea is to keep astronauts healthy in the same suit for almost 144 hours or almost 6 days at a stretch. It clearly needs to have a scientific way which should go right with micro-gravity principle in space.

Winners will receive a prize money of $30,000. Interested participants can share their ideas on Herox.

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Photo Source: Facebook/NASA



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