Why Did Natalie Imbruglia Nearly Go ‘Insane’?

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Why Did Natalie Imbruglia Nearly Go ‘Insane’?

Natalie Imbruglia confessed that she nearly went ‘insane’ after becoming famous.

Natalie Imbruglia, the hit maker of “Torn” has confessed that she was nervous, anxious, stressed out and scared at the height of her fame and success. In fact her OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder made her situation even worse.


She admitted that she was afraid to go outside as people would recognize her. It almost sent her insane. She felt the compulsion of living up to “Torn”. Though she did not write it but she now feels it was partially the reason for its great success.

According to Sky News, Natalie was immensely pressured as she felt that she had to meet all those expectations and moreover there was this pressure of topping it. It was really bad for her.

The celebrity also said that she suffers from OCD and that can be one of the major reasons why she is not so good with change. Her motto in life is “No Surprises”. She feels that her OCD is inherited from her mother.

This 40-year-old beauty has been candid about her fears and said that she could not enjoy and cherish the great things that came packaged with her career such as traveling all over the globe as she nearly went insane.

It seems that she also told the Daily Mirror that she was so engaged with her fright and nervousness that she did not even take out time to visit places and enjoy her time.

There was this thought constantly hovering in her mind that she might get recognized or lose her voice. She now feels that she took herself quite seriously and thus could never let her hair down and relax.

Natalie also feels that it is the perfectionist in her. As she looks back and tries to reminisce, she feels she should have had more fun. She was too worried at that point in time that everything around her should be perfect.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Natalie Imbruglia