NBC’s ‘Peter Pan Live’ Gets Negative Reviews; Is Allison Williams to Blame?

By Marie delos Santos | 2 years ago
NBC’s ‘Peter Pan Live’ Gets Negative Reviews; Is Allison Williams to Blame?

Pixies, pirates and fairy dust — these are some of the things that come in mind when you think of the well-loved story, “Peter Pan.” But it seems that NBC’s “Peter Pan Live” didn’t win the critics and audience’s applause after airing on TV. Is Allison Williams to blame? Read on to find out more.

After much anticipation and after being dared to hate-watch it, it seems like NBC’s “Peter Pan Live” did not disappoint critics.


“’Peter Pan Live’ Was the Worst Three-Hour Drag Show We’ve Ever Seen,” said Aleksander Chan of the Morning After. This statement was in fact the title of his review.

“Totally fine. Just as I’d suspected. Nothing spectacular,” said Melissa Maerz of Entertainment Weekly.

“Peter Pan Live” is NBC’s attempt at creating the next blockbuster hit after 2013’s “The Sound of Music Live,” which pulled in at least 22 million viewers. Bigger production coupled with what appears to be a bigger budget, “Peter Pan Live” still failed to pull in as much audience, love and support as “The Sound of Music” in 2013. “Peter Pan Live” drew only 9.2 million viewers.

“Yes, higher ratings would have been great, but we all realized going in that this show isn’t nearly as well known as ‘The Sound of Music,’” said NBC’s entertainment chief, Bob Green, as published on the Daily News.

Critics say it might be Allison Williams’ fault. The actress, who is best known for the HBO series “Girls,” is also the daughter of the Bob Williams, who also works at NBC. Her singing voice was perfectly fine, although it can be noticed during the show that Williams and Walken were lip-synching.

Green is quick to react to the circulating rumors and says, “Both Allison Williams and Chris Walken were terrific last night. It’s the best Thursday night we’ve had since a year ago.”

Williams and the rest of the cast were consistently compared with the actors and actresses of “The Sound of Music Live” and Broadway’s version of “Peter Pan,” which lead Williams to call on the viewers and critics to hate-watch the show. In an interview with the Daily Beast, the actress said, “Hatewatching is a thing, it’s a whole way of watching something.”

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Paul Stein