NCIS Actress Pauley Perrette ‘Almost Died’ After Assault In Hollywood

By Pala Sen | 11 months ago
NCIS Actress Pauley Perrette ‘Almost Died’ After Assault In Hollywood

On Friday morning, actress Pauley Perrette of “NCIS” fame tweeted that she had been assaulted by a “psychotic and homeless man’” Apparently, the man threatened to kill her. Perrette plays the role of Abby Sciuto, a forensic scientist on the hit show on CBS.

She took to social media as she tweeted about the incident, along with a picture of a long document describing the incident. Perrette wrote that she was traumatized after the incident and life completely changed overnight.


The actress tweeted that as she was walking to a guesthouse from her home in Hollywood, a stranger punched hard in her face, grabbing her. The man repeatedly told her that he intended to kill her.

The man punched her very hard in her nose and forehead, pinned her arm, the actress tweeted. The man then apparently also demonstrated how he intended to kill her.

Perrette, 46, said that the attacker said he was William and when she told him what a beautiful name he had and her nephew had the same name, he started hitting her again.


And then he started punching her hard again. Perette wrote that eventually she collapsed and a pet dog on the sidewalk, licked her face.

The guy who owned the dog was on the phone and looked angry. He did nothing to help her. She sent a text to her friend who stayed next door and a cop who is her church friend.

The actress also managed to draw a sketch of the man who assaulted her for the cops. Richardo Hernandez, an LAPD officer confirmed that David Merck, a white male has been arrested on account of battery charges.

Perrette also left a thoughtful message on her Twitter account after stating that full mental health care is needed.  Help and housing for the homeless is also essential. Perrette feels that citizens should support the cops and should avoid walking alone.

Perrette ended her tweet saying that she almost passed away that night.



Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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