New Autobiography Reveals Caroline Flack’s Romance with Prince Harry?

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
New Autobiography Reveals Caroline Flack’s Romance with Prince Harry?

Caroline Flack had dated One Direction’s Harry Styles in the past but now has revealed her romance with Prince Harry of Wales for the first time. Read on to know more about this exciting story.

You all know Flack as the host of “X Factor” but what will definitely come as a big surprise is her candid revelation that she was “Prince Harry of Wales’s bit of rough.”


Flack reveals for the first time that the royal prince had been dating her before she romanced the One Direction star.

The 35-year-old television presenter is the host of the current year’s “X Factor” along with Olly Murs, her good friend. Flack shared that she started seeing the Prince in 2009, after both of them were introduced by a mutual friend.

However, Flack was also quick to point out that both of them were compelled to call off this relationship after their story was leaked.

Just two years later, Flack created quite a buzz when news came out that she had started dating Styles, who was just 17-year-old that time and was 14 years younger to her.

Flack’s new autobiography, titled “Storm in a C-Cup” describes the star’s romances with the 1D star, and Prince Harry. The book is expected to release towards the end of this month.

The Sun has seen an extract of the book, where the TV star has revealed that how she became lively and cheerful after she was introduced to the 31-year-old royal prince by Natalie Pinkham, their common friend and a correspondent of Formula One for Sky Sports.

The pair had met at a night out that was organized by Pinkham and came just after Flackhad broken up from an ex-boyfriend. At that point, Flack though she would never meet Prince Harry again and thought that it was immensely exciting to meet him.

She also thought that meeting a royal prince was strange and it would be tough not to acknowledge that.

It seems like Flack’s autobiography would have a lot of interesting details for sure so anticipation is building up at a mammoth scale.


Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons