Nina Dobrev And Austin Stowell Affirmed Their Relationship At Last! How Did They Make The Announcement?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 1 year ago
Nina Dobrev And Austin Stowell Affirmed Their Relationship At Last! How Did They Make The Announcement?

When celebrities like Nona Dobrev and Austin Stowell are seen together more often by public or paparazzi, celebrity and entertainment-savvy people can’t help it but wonder about the real score between them. Of course, it would be a great deal if they just confirm their relationship to end all the speculations and clear things out. Well, for this couple they indeed announced about their status in a fun and modern way.

The article from People shared that the couple used Twitter and let everyone know about their relationship. It happened last Tuesday and Stowell admitted that he isn’t following her on that social media site. He posted in his account, “That weird moment when you realize you don’t follow your girlfriend on Twitter,”


Dobrev indirectly replied to this and admitted, “That awkward moment when u realize ur not following him either&gotta do it realfast b4 he realizes,”. After they followed each other on Twitter, he posted “I guess it’s official @ninadobrev.” The tweets in their conversation gathered more than a thousand retweets and favorites.


Many fans believe that after they were seen together in a movie premiere, the pair would finally confirm their relationship status soon. According to HollywoodLife, they both attended the “Bridge of Spies” premiere held in The Big Apple last October 4, Sunday. They look stunningly beautiful as a pair when in the red carpet. Stowell is included in the cast of the film.

The same article cited E! News as a source revealed how their body language speaks loudly about their personality. The source said, “You can tell how much they love each other just by the way they speak and their mannerisms toward one another. Austin is such a gentleman and treats Nina with such respect”

#RelationshipGoals indeed for Nina Dobrev and Austin Stowell! May they share long years of sweetness and love.

Photo Source: Nina Dobrev/Facebook