Nina Dobrev, Austin Stowell Hold Fake Relationship? Why Fans Always Connect ‘Vampire Diaries’ Actress With Ian Somerhalder?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 1 year ago
Nina Dobrev, Austin Stowell Hold Fake Relationship? Why Fans Always Connect ‘Vampire Diaries’ Actress With Ian Somerhalder?

While Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder had found their own track after dating for three years, and the latter is happily enjoying his newly started married life with Nikki Reed, the “Vampire Diaries” actress is loaded with a ton of rumors mainly surrounding her romantic relationship with her beau Austin Stowell. Continue reading to get a scoop of it.

A new rumor has surfaced encircling the relationship between Dobrev and Stowell. Some outlets are claiming that their extreme PDA in front of the cameras is suspicious and their ongoing relationship probably be a fake.


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Stowell and his 26-year old girlfriend have recently been in the headlines for the last few months for public displays of affection. The lovebirds were spotted at Eli Mizrahi’s Founding Member dinner party Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015, that took place at SKY Vault Penthouse in the New York City. An insider instantly informed E! Online about the couple and passed on the message that they were “sitting close and acting really cute.”

“You can tell how much they love each other just by the way they speak and their mannerisms toward one another. Austin is such a gentleman and treats Nina with such respect,” the insider told the outlet.

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Christian Post has reported some speculations that Stowell and Dobrev’s PDA might be nothing more than an ostentatious activity to terminate her association with her muscular ex and his wife. The outlet even claimed that just because her three years of romance with her Somerhalder had inscribed in their pasts, hence the fans continue to romantically connect her with him (Somerhalder). It seems Dobrev is struggling for her past even intensely than thinking about her career.

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According to Inquisitr, as far as her career is concerned, Dobrev is confronting difficulties to discover new project in motion pictures. If this goes on, she will find herself growing more limited. Hence, her utmost responsibility is to acquire new work and add credits to his name.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Nina Dobrev Network