What Does Nina Dobrev Like To Wear At Home?

By Shreya Singh | 1 year ago
What Does Nina Dobrev Like To Wear At Home?

Better known as Elena Gilbert for her show “The Vampire Diaries”, Nina Dobrev has a revelation about herself and her habits. Read to know more about these peculiar habits which will make you say, “You must be kidding…”

On an event called, the Go90 Sneak Peek Social Entertainment Platform Event, actress Nina Dobrev shared some of her funny life events and “strange habits”. (via Hollywood life)


The reporter asked what she likes to wear at home. Most probably the expected answer would be shorts, t-shirts but people guesses are of no use as the answer that the vampire girl gave can never be  imagined. To the question she replied, “NOTHING”. (Nothing at all)

That’s not all, the reporter asked next a question, “What is the most strange and odd holiday story that she remembers?”

To this, the actress replied that once she thought to ship all the gifts in spite of taking them away with her, but they didn’t arrive till two weeks later so they got sent to everyone’s destination and everyone had a second Christmas!”

At last Dobrev was asked to name her favourite show and you will love her reply. Like us she’s also hooked on TNT’s “Public Moral!” She say, “I love it and I have friends on that show and Ed Burns is brilliant. And I love the show.”

Needless to say that we all also love the show from the core of our hearts, but we love you too, Nina Dobrev for your roles, your sexy body, your beauty and above all and for sure from now for your peculiar habits that you shared.

Warning: Next time anyone who’s heading to go to Nina’s house just be careful…

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Photosource: Twitter/Nina Dobrev