‘One Piece’ Chapter 808 Spoiler Predictions: Sanji Pretends As Raizo? Raizo Crucial For Sanji’s Redemption?

By Martin Suan | 1 year ago
‘One Piece’ Chapter 808 Spoiler Predictions: Sanji Pretends As Raizo? Raizo Crucial For Sanji’s Redemption?
Straw Hats and Big Mom to form an alliance in “One Piece” chapter 812.
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Latest “One Piece” chapter 808 spoiler predictions have noted on the reason why Sanji left the Straw Hats. Did he pretend to be Raizo to save the Mink Tribe? Read on to know the possibility.


Except for Eiichiro Oda, fans were left wondering why Straw Hat Pirates Cook “Black Leg” Sanji left his Nakamas.

A lot of speculations began to circulate over the net and it was said it could either be due to the “Wanted Alive” on Sanji’s bounty poster or he could have pretended to be Wano Country Ninja Raizo.

‘Holt’ at Manga Helpers believed Straw Hat Pirates Cook “Black Leg” Sanji’s disappearance could be connected to his “Wanted Alive” bounty poster and that he already had an idea who was looking for him.

Further, ‘Holt’ believed it could be something very personal and that Sanji did not want the Straw Hats to be involved in it.

There were previous speculations about Sanji’s real identity, saying he could be one of the Celestial Dragons or Nobles. If this is true, will Eiichiro Oda reveal it in “One Piece” chapter 808?

On the other hand, ‘CiCiColeman’ said Straw Hat Pirates “Black Leg” Sanji might have pretended to be Wano Country Ninja Raizo and said to have given himself to Jack so Jack could leave the Mink Men.

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However, ‘ladylola’ found it hard to grasp how Sanji pretended to be Raizo. Although it was not dismissed, but ‘ladylola’ allegedly read an editor’s note that said, “What is wrong with Sanji?” in “One Piece” chapter 807 “Ten Days Ago.”

But ‘CiCiColeman’ said there could be a possibility that Sanji went with Jack because of Donquixote Pirates Scientist Ceasar Clown’s heart and was planning on using it as a bargaining chip.

On another note, ‘hokageji’ noted that Jack was looking for Wano Country Ninja Raizo because Jack might be planning on defeating Yonko Pirate Captain Kaido of the Beasts.

‘hokageji’ believed Raizo had the power to defeat Kaido, which also explained why Kaido was looking for him. Hence, Raizo would be allegedly crucial for Sanji’s redemption from Jack given that Sanji pretended to be Raizo.

Although these “One Piece” chapter 808 predictions seemed feasible, they could still miss it. Therefore, readers are reminded to take them with a grain of salt.

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