‘One Piece’ Chapter 811 Spoiler Predictions: Inuarashi, Nekomamushi Hinted As Two Powerful Revolutionary Army Leaders?

By Martin Suan | 10 months ago
‘One Piece’ Chapter 811 Spoiler Predictions: Inuarashi, Nekomamushi Hinted As Two Powerful Revolutionary Army Leaders?

Recent predictions about “One Piece” chapter 811 have said Pedro might be hinting Inuarashi and Nekomamushi as two of the scattered Revolutionary Army leaders. Will they appear in the meeting that Dragon has organized?

It could be recalled in chapter 803 Revolutionary Army Leader Monkey D. Dragon (Dragon the Revolutionary) told Koala to assemble the leaders who were scattered all over the world of “One Piece.”


While the identities of these leaders are yet to be revealed, a lot of the fans believe the two Mokomo Dukedom Rulers, Duke Inuarashi (Ruler of Day) and Master Nekomamushi (Ruler of Night), could possibly be part of Dragon’s organization.

A prediction at One Piece Gold for chapters beyond “One Piece” chapter 811 noted Guardian Pedro’s statement in chapter 810 (The Curly Hats Arrive) in which he said, “The world is waiting on them! Those two, of all people must not be allowed to die!”

It was quite intriguing as to why would Pedro say “the world is waiting on them.” It was said his regard about the two Dukedom Rulers seemed to “clearly” imply that, apart from being kings of the Mink Tribe, they are also going to play important roles for the “One Piece” world.

According to “One Piece” chapter 811 predictions, the fact that Zou existed before the Void Century meant the two Dukedom Rulers had firsthand knowledge of the situation around that time and might have decided to fight for a cause the same as Dragon’s.

Another was the discrimination the Mink Tribe went through – being sold as slaves for 700,000 berries. It would be understandable if the Dukedom Rulers decided to go against the World Government and fight for their people.

Third was the strength of the two rulers. The power these rulers had is enough for them to qualify as Revolutionary Army leaders.

Lastly, Zou was out of the World Government’s territory. When a place is not under the World Government’s territory, it reportedly meant there are powerful pirates or individuals living in those areas.

In this case, Zou was one of them, only they are not pirates but royalties. And as royalties not under the World Government, it reportedly implied a “rebellious sentiment.”

Hence, stories beyond “One Piece” chapter 811 might reveal the Mink Tribe rulers as two of the Revolutionary Army leaders.

However, readers are reminded to take predictions about “One Piece” chapter 811 with a grain of salt.


Photo source: Flickr user Muhammed Ahmed Khan|“One Piece”