Parenthood Season 6 Recap: How Did We Get Here?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
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Get your tissues because you’re going to need it now as I give you the full recap on “Parenthood” Season 6, Episode 10 “How Did We Get Here?” Read below to know what went down in the latest episode.


Zeek was rushed to the hospital due to another heart attack. It’s just one of those “oh, boy” moments when you have a gut feeling that he might not make it out alive. It was such a stressful time at the hospital when Adam, Crosby, Sarah and Julia all got to the hospital to accompany Camille as she waits for news of the condition of her husband. Then others showed up including Hank and Joel.

The doctor came out with the news that Zeke has been stabilized. But they’re not in the safe zone yet, they have to take him to the ICU. After a while, the doctor brought in another good news saying that Zeek is responding well to his medications. After a while, he had another heart attack.

The family was put in the most dreaded decision-making in their lives. They have Zeek go through another surgery, but his heart may not make it through. Instead, they can not go through surgery or the third option would be to think about what decision to make between the first two.

Adam also received some bad news while at the hospital. When he found out that someone broke in the Luncheonette, all of their equipment is nowhere to be found. He called up the insurance company. They found out that they could take the money and start all over again or they could just get the money and walk away. Adam wants out, but Crosby is determined to start up again.

Hank was left with Drew and surprisingly, after a few awkward moments they finally got to bond. Hank also surprised in when he proposed to Sarah at the hospital parking lot just because he was getting jealous that Joel was there. Sarah, of course, was taken aback and they both decided to think about it first. Amber was given a mini baby shower at the hospital cafeteria while Julia and Joel’s relationship is finally looking up.

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