Parks and Recreation Season 7 Recap: Save JJ’s

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Parks and Recreation Season 7 Recap: Save JJ’s
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One of the best things about “Parks and Recreation” is that it never fails to show us the depth of the characters’ friendships in the show. In Season 7 Episode 6 “Save JJ’s,” we dive into a newer depth in Tom and Donna’s friendship while Leslie and the gang saves a diner. Read below for the full recap.


Donna is about to get married. Tom hatched a plan to treat Donna through Treat Yo Self 2017 day. He hired a limo and they went to Beverly Hills to indulge in luxurious things: shopping at Tom Ford, driving by Usher’s house, ate the yummiest sushi and even dodged some paparazzi. It was a luxurious day for these two. It was until Tom ran across Lucy, whom he has a major crush on and clumsily invited him to Donna’s wedding.

Donna, on the other hand, gave Tom such good advice: “Follow your heart, be a man, ask the girl out.” When they got back to Pawnee, Tom followed Donna’s advice. He finally asked Lucy out. He made it again less awkward by injecting some work-related issue on it. He was shocked when Lucy told him that she liked him and would love to go to Donna’s wedding as his date.

Meanwhile, Gryzzl is struggling with bad PR with money when they raised their bid and won. Upset, Leslie set up a campaign that they have high chances of winning. She saved JJ’s diner. It was because the diner has been purchased by Thighgap LLC, which was owned by Dennis Feinstein.

Their plan was set. Andy infiltrated Dennis’ headquarters while Jonathan Karate made a speech regarding keeping JJ. Leslie and Ron led a rally in front of Dennis’ office. They almost got Dennis, or so they think but he’s not going down that easily. That leaves JJ’s with one option, which was to relocate. However, there is no right location available for the diner. The only suitable location would be to get Gryzzl move their campus downtown instead so JJ’s can have its location at the park. The good news is, they were able to move the campus and at the save time JJ’s. All is well in Pawnee again.

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