Patrick Schwarzenegger ‘Turned On’ By Miley Cyrus’ Bisexual Tendencies, Couple Back Together?

By DV Pre | 1 year ago
Patrick Schwarzenegger ‘Turned On’ By Miley Cyrus’ Bisexual Tendencies, Couple Back Together?

Miley Cyrus has just admitted that she has “bisexual tendencies” after rumored split from Patrick Schwarzenegger. The “Wrecking Ball” singer revealed that the change in her sexual preference happened when she launched her charity, Happy Hippie Foundation, which aimed to help homeless teens, especially those coming from the LGBT community.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Miley Cyrus hinted that she had had experienced dating women by saying that not all her relationships were “straight, heterosexual ones.” Miley, however, refused to elaborate on her recent statement. Her shocking revelation also came out the same day she appeared in a racy music video called “B***h” with Zoe Kravitz for her brand Lolawolf. In the raunchy video, the two girls were seen smoking and taking pictures of each other wearing nothing but their underwear.


The news has been a surprise to Miley fans especially since she had just got out of a five-month relationship with Patrick Schwarzenegger. The Disney alum had also been engaged to Liam Hemsworth in 2012 and dated Nick Jonas.

Meanwhile, according to insiders from Hollywood Life, when Patrick found out that Miley is bisexual, it only made him want to get back together with her. Unlike other guys, the revelation was actually a turn on for him!

“Patrick has always been well aware of Miley’s sexual preferences. The fact that she’s bisexual is no surprise to him and it has actually always been a major turn on for him,” the source said.

Patrick reportedly understand that Miley is just comfortable with her own body and he appreciates how open minded she is.

There you have it on the latest news about Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger. Do you think the two should get back together? Sound off in the comments below.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Miley Cyrus