Pawn Stars Chum Lee Return: History Channel Show Finds Actor Indispensable; Brother Joins Show?

By Eva Artosilla | 3 months ago
Pawn Stars Chum Lee Return: History Channel Show Finds Actor Indispensable; Brother Joins Show?
Chum Lee
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Pawn Stars has started filming for its new season. As expected, Rick, Corey, Richard all surnamed Harrison and the fan favorite Chum Lee will do their respective roles again. However, the grand Old Man will have a reduced role.


Fans were fearful when news of a cast member doing only cameo roles surfaced. They have connected Chum Lee to the news since the cheeky actor has not started filming yet. Fortunately, it was not him and fans felt relieved.

Chum Is Indispensable

Undeniably, Austin Lee Russell is indispensable in the show. His antics and his effective portrayal of a dumb customer assistant is a hit to the viewers. When he took a break from the show to work on his 20 felony cases, the fans continue to visit the pawnshop. They were hoping to see the beleaguered actor and give their support.

Many loyal viewers of Pawn Stars seem worried when the police arrested him. The fans are thinking of the future of the show without the actor.

History Channel and his “adoptive” family did not change his status on the show. The same is true with his real-life employment in the Gold and Silver Pawnshop. After he was sentenced to three-year probation, Chum Lee has assured his fans through social media that he will be back in the show.

Chum Lee will be filming anytime soon or perhaps already doing some on-the-set scenes. The set for the reality show is just inside the pawnshop. They have a separate space for the actual business and the set is just at the back. Pawn Stars combines shooting with business, so it is not hard to film while doing the day-to-day transactions.

Chum Lee’s Brother Might Join The Show

Sage Russell, Chum Lee’s brother who has just graduated from college, is acting as a photographer in the show. He might join the cast if needed as reported by Morning News USA.

Chum Lee is not leaving Pawn Stars. After the court battles, he is set to do his best to help the show. In fact, he did charity works in the shop for the benefit of some institutions.

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