People Do Not Want To See Taylor Swift Happy With Her Love Life?

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
People Do Not Want To See Taylor Swift Happy With Her Love Life?

Has Taylor Swift finally found the perfect man in her life?  What more does a woman want if her boyfriend is witty, successful, mature, worldly, and is at least six years older than her?  Is Calvin Harris Taylor’s ultimate dream man? Here is the complete story for you.

It really looks as if Taylor Swift has found a suitable partner in Calvin Harris. Finally, here is a man who actually stands taller than this leggy singing sensation even while she is in her heels and is 5-foot-10.


The tall star and Calvin Harris have now been seeing each other for about eight long months. So what should you think the next step for them now?

But it seems like Harris is not in a flattering mood. With the grapevines busy with reports of their split, maybe Taylor’s boyfriend is in a mood to sue the tabloids?  While Taylor favorite Calvin’s tweet, it is a fact that this celebrity couple have now reached a point where either they climb past problems or face the risk of getting stuck for always.

But why are these rumors of their split going around? Is that the price they pay for being a celebrity couple? Or is it because the duo has not been photographed together lately?

Taylor Swift has hummed some of the finest break up tunes in the millennium with many of her songs’ subjects hovering round about the brutal realities that young love face before them. But they did not fetch her a Grammy in the category of Album of the Year. However, it does not mean that people have to feel miserable and remain single rather than see someone be happy in their life.

And Swift Taylor is not an exception to this rule, is she?

It is not as if Taylor is feeling pressured about hiding her romantic feelings but it looks like as if the star is still making an attempt to do a super-human job of trying to be everything for everyone around her.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons