Persona 5 News Update: PS 3 And PS 4 Launch Within The Year For USA And Japan

By Lex Lopez | 1 year ago
Persona 5 News Update: PS 3 And PS 4 Launch Within The Year For USA And Japan

“Persona 5” has been confirmed for released by Atlus USA. PR Manager John Hardin stated that the highly awaited JPRG will be a launch for the both PlayStation 4 and Playstation 3 in North America within the year. Read on for more details.

In a report from Playstation Lifestyle, Hardin also discussed that Persona 5 will be strictly under Atlus and will not be in any other video game publishing. This double-checks came into interpretation. It was when Hardin was inquired about Square Enix’s supposedly 2016 retail listing which carried the Persona 5 title.


“That’s just completely wrong. A lot of people assume that this is correct because they [Square Enix] published something back in what, 2008?” Jardin said.

He added that he is working on having such a list removed. They are trying to get publishers locked in for their titles, especially with the European release date.

Last June, fans were excited when the Atlus released the first trailer for the “Persona 5” gameplay. “Persona 5” will also be release in Japan within the next four months to coincide with the US release.

This prompted fans to ask if the game will be available in a PC port.

Geeksnack though was quick to report that such a version is highly unlikely. It was despite the fact that a certain number of Japanese publishers have already released games on Steam.

The impending title gives emphasis on an anti-social cast of students. “Persona 5” directors Katsura Hashino talked about the game’s story and themes in an interview with Anime News Network earlier this year.

“The characters in the game will take on the roles of “phantom thieves,” the director said.

He added that the, “In [a society] like that (with status-quo), these mischievous high school students are fighting back against the forces that hold them down.”

However, Hashino was quick to dismiss that despite a premature comparison to Lupin III, the development team crafted a modern-day version of the classic thief.


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Photo Source: Facebook/Persona 5