Pitch Perfect 3 Cast & Plot: Beca Graduates To Become A Coach? Tracy Morgan’s Comeback?

By Ila Samant | 1 year ago
Pitch Perfect 3 Cast & Plot: Beca Graduates To Become A Coach? Tracy Morgan’s Comeback?

The speculations and high hopes for “Pitch Perfect 3” is indeed turning into a reality. There is a new wave of buzz among the “Pitch Perfect” fans about the storyline of the upcoming installment. Experts have predicted that we may get to see Beca as a successful graduate who takes up on coaching the Bellas, or maybe a rival Capella group. There are also some streaks of hope, of getting back our very own Tracy Morgan for the third part. Read on to get more about the buzz.

A treat for all the “Pitch Perfect” lovers. Your favorite Barden University is on its way back. The confirmation about the release of “Pitch Perfect 3” has created a rippling excitement among fans. There are widespread discussions and speculations about the plot.


What is Beca (Anna Kendrick) doing now? What would she be seen doing in “Pitch Perfect 3?,” How much time will be shown to have elapsed since “Pitch Perfect 2?”

Too many questions swirling in our minds, isn’t it?

MTV News suggests some possibilities.

Beca might be a graduate who successfully bags a kickass job at Residual Heat, but continues helping the Barden Bellas in their musical voyage. This would give a refreshing change by keeping her out of the central competition, though you can still enjoy her voice.

Beca might also turn into a full time coach at Barden. How cool is that!

The plot might  be spiced up by showing that Beca, played by the 29 year old Anna Kendrick, has returned along with Fat Amy to kick start their own Capella group, competing against the Bellas. Beca fans might need to switch their loyalties now!

You might not miss him in the third Installment as Kay Cannon expresses strong desires to get him back on board, reports  Cinema Blend.

Good news for Tracy Morgan fans.

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