Poldark Season 3 Cast Update: Aidan Turner’s Exit – A Huge Possibility!

By Janine | 2 months ago
Poldark Season 3 Cast Update: Aidan Turner’s Exit – A Huge Possibility!
Poldark Season 3: Aidan Turner Leaving Show? Josh Whitehouse Takes Over?
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Poldark Season 3 sees the inevitable exit of actor Aidan Turner. The British-American drama TV series is most likely going to lose Captain Ross Poldark. Debbie Horsfield, the show writer for Poldark Season 3, explains their decision.


Captain Ross Poldark Gets Old

As the show progresses, the characters age as well. According to show writer Debbie Horsfield, Captain Ross Poldar may need to get older and wiser. So, that means a different cast member altogether.

The possibility of a replacement is inevitable. Horsfield explains that Ross is now older in Season 3, cites HOF Magazine. Although some make-up and effects can create an older looking Poldark.

But to create an older version of the character for a long period of takes and episodes would need a different actor. In addition, Horsfield explains that the character should be wiser. This means Poldark’s face must age with time and wisdom, too.


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Aidan Turner leaves Poldark Season 3

Although not yet official, Aidan Turner‘s exit is still a huge possibility. At one point, The Hobbit actor expresses that he is willing to stay on the show as long as the fans want it to continue. But he stresses that his character gets older and it is difficult for him to pull of a fifty-year-old Ross.

This time jump can weigh a huge effect on the outcome of the series. Also, if Turner is not going to be the star of the show, who will?

Josh Whitehouse Takes Lead Role

Poldark Season 3 sees the attendance of Josh Whitehouse. He is set to play Hugh Armitage, a romantic aristocrat on the show. Is he going to steal the spotlight from Turner as the leading man?

While the cast and crew are busy filming Poldark, fans are anxious to find out more. Is their romantic leading man staying or going in Poldark Season 3? Watch out for the season to premiere next year.


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