Poldark Season 3 Spoilers: Aidan Turner Ross May Leave Cornwall

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 months ago
Poldark Season 3 Spoilers: Aidan Turner Ross May Leave Cornwall

Poldark season 3 will be airing next year. And the fans will yet again see Aidan Turner play his most famous role Ross Poldark. What all can fans expect in the new season?


Following the events of the last season, this season could have some serious repercussions for Ross Poldark and his family. The main reason for them suffering would be Ross’ arch nemesis George Warleggan who has been trying to get rid of Ross since the beginning.

George To Get Ross Punished?

George will use every resource to get Ross punished severely by pressing serious charges. But only if he somehow know about what Ross did to his wife Elizabeth.

Results of George’s actions could be anything. And one such result could end up in Ross and family leaving Cornwall for good.

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Ross And Family Leave Cornwall?

If Ross and family leave Cornwall in the new season, it would definitely become more difficult for them to start building their lives again. It would lead to new problems, which could put a strain on their family.

If they stayed back, George would make sure to make their lives living hell. When Ross was innocent, Warleggan tried every trick in the book to try and bury Ross. He even went to the extent of trying to get Ross hanged for something he had not even done.

Ross Goes To Prison?

Now imagine what George would do when he finds out about Ross forcing himself on Elizabeth and that probably leading to she getting pregnant. Ross could be sentenced to prison on rape charges and face extremely tough time there.

His whole family including Demelza would suffer. This could also lead to Demelza taking an added responsibility of earning for the family, and perhaps struggling initially.

Will Elizabeth Save Ross?

Elizabeth could prove to be the only way for Ross to stay in Cornwall after what he did. If she does not press any charges and manages to keep everything a secret, George will never know and no harm will be done to the Poldark family.

Decider reported that PBS shared the first look of Poldark season 3 and stated that the new season would see some cast additions. The outlet also shared a preview of the new season.

Poldark season 3 is expected to release in Spring next year.

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