Prediction And Spoiler of ‘Fairy Tail’ 448: Will We See A Third Generation Dragon Slayer in Laxus?

By Ila Samant | 1 year ago
Prediction And Spoiler of ‘Fairy Tail’ 448: Will We See A Third Generation Dragon Slayer in Laxus?

Laxus, Gajeel, Juvia and the rest of the gang finally reunite in the “Fairy Tail” to reach the Albareth Empire at the right time to rescue Lucy, Gray, Natsu and others from the hands of Azeal.

The title of the next chapter will be “Fight the Power”, according to the KPopStars. Most likely this will mean that the final score between Ishgar and the Empire will be unveiled by the Makarov. It can also be concluded from this is that a war will be waged by the Fairy Tail guild against the Kingdom so they are not successful in getting what they want.


As per Manga Helpers, the last chapter sprang a big surprise for all of us, when Laxus was showcased as strong as the Spriggan 12 member, Azeal. Fans all over can make out from the attack as to how strong Natsu is right now and it will be set as the benchmark.

Fans can’t wait to see Laxus as they are wondering will Natsu need Laxus to come to the rescue or was it only Makarov. Their curiosity is because of the fact that Laxus, who without a second thought God-tier, will quite possibly be the benchmark of the strength of Natsu. He still needs to grow if Laxus wants to save him. In case the other side of the equation erupts Natsu is most likely Laxus’s equal and may be Godteri as well.

Fans are also curious to know whether Laxus went on the way and learned the Dragon slaying magic from 1st generation. If this is true, it is quite likely that he will become a 3rd generation slayer. This will enable him to drive dragons like Rouge and String and also enable him to use dragon force.

Azeal Lamur cut off the escape of Wendy, Happy, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Natsu, Makarov, and Mest and they are being forced to take part in a combat. Fortunately, to back them up an unexpected reinforcement has arrived. Aboard an airborne vessel the Thunder God, Team B, and Ichiya have arrived on the scene.

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