Red Band Society: The Executive Producer Tells All

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Red Band Society: The Executive Producer Tells All
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FOX’s coming-of-age drama, “Red Band Society,” gives a new take on the hospital drama, as it focuses primarily on the stories and lives of the young adult and teenage patients in the hospital in a hopeful, darkly comedic way. This is in line with what the executive producer Rina Mimoun told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview, as she said that the show is not about death but life. Mimoun also gave a sneak peek into what the viewers can expect for the rest of the first season and reveals about their future plans, in case the show is renewed for a second season. Read on for further details.


The coming-of-age drama, “Red Band Society,” follows the stories and the lives of a group of young adults and teenagers who stay at a hospital and their doctors and nurses. Leo Roth (Charlie Rowe) is an amputee and a cancer patient who has been in the hospital for quite some time, as he is currently undergoing treatment. Joining him is his new roommate, Jordi Palacios (Nolan Sotillo). Jordi is an orphan who has cancer. In the end of the pilot episode, he undergoes surgery in order to amputate the infected leg. Dash Hosney (Astro), a kid with cystic fibrosis, is the cool kid on the block and is good friends with Leo. There is Emma Choto (Ciara Bravo), Leo’s ex-girlfriend and overachiever, who has an eating disorder. Cheerleader and mean girl Kara Sounders (Zoe Levin) gets an extended hospital stay as she is suffering from an enlarged heart, and her roommate and the narrator of the show is Charlie (Griffin Gluck), who is in a coma. Joining the teens in the drama are Octavia Spencer, who portrays Nurse Jackson, a tough nurse with a big heart, and Dave Annable, who portrays Dr. Jack McAndrew, the doctor of both Leo and Jordi. “Red Band Society” premiered on Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX. Check out the recap here.

In an age that has seen the reemergence of the medical drama, “Red Band Society” is a refreshing breath of air, as it focuses on the patients instead on the doctors and nurses. According to Mimoun, this is precisely what sets this TV show apart. However, the stories of the doctors and nurses who work with the children, whose stories are slowly unfolding in the series, will not be neglected. The stories of the adults will be shown in little ways at the background but will be followed as well. Another thing that sets the show apart is the fact that they will be using a lot of magic realism, which we already got a glimpse of in the pilot episode.

In the pilot, we saw how Charlie, a.k.a Coma Boy, was able to communicate to Kara when she was unconscious in what is now being dubbed as “Charlie World.” Leo has already mentioned that he has been there, and Mimoun says that we will be visiting it again in the second episode, when Jordi undergoes surgery. This adds a little bit of a spiritual element to the entire thing and will be a big plot point in the show.

Speaking of Charlie, Mimoun told The Hollywood Reporter that we will be seeing how Charlie got into his coma through a flashback in one episode, in which we will also have the pleasure of seeing the first time that Charlie and Leo met. She was also asked if there will be a point in the series in which Charlie would come out of his coma. To this, all that was reported was that there will be a point wherein it is not sure whether he would be staying in the hospital or not. She also mentioned that if there is a second season, it is most likely that the cast of children would change, as “people don’t live in the hospital that long.” Right now, the 13 episodes that have been ordered is a very comfortable number of episodes in order to tell the stories of this batch of kids. This also hints that the show might become an anthology show, if it is renewed, with the medical staff staying intact on the show.

She also mentions that they hope they will be able to show the world that those who are sick in the hospital don’t just think about their sicknesses all the time and that their lives still go on despite being sick. This is one of the challenges for the show, as they are trying to break that misconception.

Furthermore, Mimoun mentioned that the creative team and the actors themselves did their research and also drew from their own personal experiences in order to tell the stories of the kids at the hospital. For example, executive producer Margaret Nagle drew some experience from her brother, one of the writers actually did struggle with anorexia once upon a time, and the actors themselves went around to meet kids in hospitals who have the same problems as they have.

All in all, “Red Band Society” is a promising show, with some spiritual and magic realism elements added into it, spiced with the flavor of  the growing pains and experiences that each character has and is going through. The show, which has been given a 13-episode order  hopes to convey the message of life and hope.

And there you have it for the details about “Red Band Socity.” For more news and updates on “Red Band Society” and other television shows, keep following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Catch “Red Band Society” every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. on FOX.

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