Rhys Ifans Arrested for Battery

By admin | 5 years ago

Welsh actor Rhys Ifans was arrested after allegedly shoving a female security guard into a wall Friday evening while attending discussion panels at the San Diego Comic-Con. He became aggressively agitated after one of his staff members was denied admission for lacking acceptable credentials. The security guard patiently waited off stage and immediately made a citizen’s arrest after the panel had terminated.

He was arrested, ticketed and released for the non-custodial misdemeanor, which means no jail time for the moment. The San Diego attorney’s office will decide on how to proceed with the case. He can either fight it in court or pay a fine as determine if charges are pursued.


Sources stipulating that Ifans was drunk at the Comic-Con have not been absolutely confirmed. It has been noted that he participated very little during the discussion panel. Actor Rhys Ifans stars as criminal Dr. Conners, aka The Lizard, in the upcoming The Amazing Spider Man movie.

Rhys Ifans Arrested for Battery
Rhys Ifans Arrested for Battery

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