‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ Roxy Sowlaty Talks Fashion, Drama and How It Feels to be in the Show

By Marie delos Santos | 1 year ago
‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ Roxy Sowlaty Talks Fashion, Drama and How It Feels to be in the Show

“Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” Season 3 was not kidding when the cast promised to give fans an entire season of drama. Roxy Sowlaty, who has been in the E! reality series since its first season revealed her thoughts on wearing low cost clothes and her fight with her best friend, Morgan Stewart. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

“Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” Season 3 recently showed the intense confrontation between best friends, Morgan Stewart and Roxy Sowlaty. Morgan confronted Roxy after finding out the business deal that took place between Roxy’s boyfriend Nicholas Bijan and her fiancé Brendan Fitzpatrick.


Roxy initially lied to Morgan and pretended not to know anything about the deal until Morgan confronted her about the issue. The confrontation led from one thing to another and Morgan walked away and left Roxy in tears. In an earlier interview with Star Pulse, Roxy admitted that their fight was “difficult.”

“It hasn’t been easy and it has been really sad, she has been my sister,” she said.

Morgan also aired her thoughts on her fight with Roxy in an interview with Channel Guide Magazine. According to Morgan, her fight with Roxy has been “dramatic and real.”

“It’s just something we have to go through and find our way. It’s kind of like a maze. We’re just finding our way out of it,” Morgan confessed.

Meanwhile, Roxy also admitted that bearing the title #RichKids is “not easy,” especially when everyone is piercing through every piece of clothing they’re wearing. The Persian beauty, however, revealed during the interview that she still wears clothes from low cost brands like Topshop despite the notion that the stars of #RKOBH are always wearing designer clothes.

“I think that fashion is about creativity and not about the price tag of your shirt,” Sowlaty said.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Rich Kids of Beverly Hills