‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ Star Dorothy Wang Admits She Does Not Like ‘Dumb Drama’

By Marie delos Santos | 1 year ago
‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ Star Dorothy Wang Admits She Does Not Like ‘Dumb Drama’

The cast of “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” Season 3 promise an entire season of drama, as former cast members return on the E! reality series together with a new cast member, Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff. While the show promises to air what goes on in the lives of the wealthy kids of Beverly Hills, Dorothy Wang revealed that she does not like “dumb drama.” Read on to learn more about this scoop.

“#RichKids of Beverly Hills” Season 3 premiered with a bang, especially with the huge confrontation during Dorothy Wang’s birthday bash. While Wang aired her side via a lengthy post, the 27-year-old reality star admitted that she has never been a fan of drama.


“I always say I have different, more interesting, aspects of my life to showcase. I especially hate the ‘dumb drama’ as I call it – the drama that occurs when people are just being over the top or ridiculous, or fight over things with no merit, which tends to happen when you have a boisterous group of friends like I do,” Wang told Huffington Post.

Wang admitted that “RKOBH” will have a mix of good and bad drama the entire season, which fans must watch out for. She also revealed that she isn’t the least bit bothered to have cameras swarming around her in her day-to-day life. Wang also confessed that she has a lot of embarrassing moments on cam, but she has a hard time imagining that she would go on a day without being in the series.

Meanwhile, in the latest sneak peek of “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” (via E! News), Brendan Fitzpatrick got to try waxing for the first time. Fitzpatrick was accompanied by Jonny Drubel, who stayed by his side and held his hand, as Fitzpatrick anticipated for the painful pull.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Rich Kids of Beverly Hills