‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ Star Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff Hopes to Change One Thing About the Show

By Marie delos Santos | 1 year ago
‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ Star Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff Hopes to Change One Thing About the Show

“Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” is becoming one of the most interesting reality series on TV. While some people may say that everything that the stars in the E! reality series know is to spend their cash on basically everything in life, newcomer Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff admitted that she hopes to change one thing about the show. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” Season 3 recently showed the heartwarming proposal of Brendan Fitzpatrick to his girlfriend, Morgan Stewart. The series is known for giving the fans and viewers a glimpse into the luxurious lives of the wealthy and famous children of Beverly Hills. This makes others automatically judge the stars of the E! reality series into thinking that money is the main focus of the show.


Series newcomer, Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff, however, hopes that she could change the way the audiences think of them and the show as a whole.

“[The show] seemed a lot about money, material things and that’s just not my nature, that’s not how I’ve been raised,” Hasselhoff told HNGN.

Hasselhoff, who was born to renowned actor, singer and producer David Hasselhoff, recently joined the cast of “#RichKids of Beverly Hills” in its third season. Hasselhoff admitted that she initially had doubts on joining the reality series, but was later on convinced to do so because she hopes to change the audiences’ perceptions of kids who were born to wealthy families.

“I wanted to do the show to change the preconceived notion about people that grew up in a privileged lifestyle,” she said.

Hasselhoff also revealed that she is no longer relying on her family’s support and is already making money on her own. Fashion & Style noted that Hasselhoff is about to release her own music video in her single titled, “Collide.”

Hasselhoff is also the Managing Editor of Bellus Magazine and has done several acting jobs in the past for shows like “Baywatch” and “The Young and the Restless.”

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Photo Source: Facebook/Rich Kids of Beverly Hills